Electronic Repair Program

Need an Assembly Repaired? We have 3 options!

If you need a replacement right away? Use our Pre-Ship Option!

Pre-Ship can be requested for most items in our inventory. Our goal is to ship it to you within one business day, if we have it in stock – we’ll tell you.

If we don't have it in stock, we will order it immeditaely from Brunswick Bowling.

With Pre-Ship, there is a non-refundable charge of AU $100.00 for administration and handling fees. You must return your defective assemblies within 15 days or you will be charged the "full price" of the item.

Need to send in a spare for repair? Use our Exchange Option!

Exchange is the most commonly used method used by our customers. You simply send the unit to our offices, and we take an already refurbished unit from our stock and ship it right to you.

If we do not have it in stock, we will ship it to Brunswick to exchange straight away.

Have an older assembly that can’t be Pre-Shipped? Use our Repair & Return Option!

Brunswick is committed to providing quality repairs on system components for as long as part availability allows. For products on our list that are marked as No Preship, you will need to send the unit to our offices for repair. A technician will repair your unit back to factory specifications and send the unit back to you.

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